About Me

Hiiii! I’m Amanda, I’ve always had a passion for inspiring women to value skincare and become knowledgeable about utilizing makeup as an enhancement to inner beauty. I started off with an MLM and loved how it made me feel helping other women, but I couldn’t stand behind the products any longer. So I created my own line that I could truly feel confident in. Products that do not support my love for the environment, animals and our own bodies are not products I want to represent.

A couple years ago my husband had health issues that required me to stay home; this drove my passion to build an empire for women to get products that are safe, effective and that I truly believe in.

Thank you for taking the time to stop by! I truly hope you find a product that is perfect for you.
XoXo - Amanda


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Our store was designed with our customers in mind! We wanted to offer a luxury product at an affordable price that is clean of harsh chemicals and made with the best of the best products that aren't tested on animals.

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